Special Contests and Activities

Information about special contests held at the 2017 Nevada County Fair. Many contests do not require an entry form; however, if a contest does require an entry form, it will be specified next to the contest name. If required, simply download the entry form and bring it into the Fair Office or mail the form, along with the fees, to the Fair Office.

Ultimate Food Contests
Daily (Enter by July 21)
Enter one of the Special Food Contests. Ultimate food contests are open to both adults and youth, and are held each day at 6 pm in the Special Events tent. Check out the details here in this excerpt from the Competition Handbook. Entry forms and pre-registration required by July 21. Each entry entitles you to free admission to the Fair on the contest day. Sponsored by Paulette’s Country Kitchen.

  • Wednesday: “Mermaid Delight Cupcakes” (homemade cupcakes with “Sea You at the Fair!” themed decorations)
  • Thursday: “My Best Dish” (create a signature dish – a main dish, dessert, side dish or a dish of your choice)
  • Friday: “Shark Bite Salsa or Pico de Gallo (create your best salsa)
  • Saturday: “Dive Into Chocolate” (anything chocolate)
  • Sunday: “Seal the Deal Bacon” (cooked bacon to be used in any type of recipe)

Ready, Set, Action – Best Exhibit Videos
Enter by August 4
When you’re creating your exhibits to enter in the Fair, why not grab your phone and create a fun video? You could win tickets to the Fair! The video can feature anything from a fun exhibit moment to the creative process to the finished product. It’s up to you! Simply record your video, download it to Dropbox, and then share it with moc.r1498219182iaFyt1498219182nuoCa1498219182daveN1498219182@ylpe1498219182R1498219182. Videos must be a minimum of 15 seconds and no longer than 3 minutes, and must be downloaded by August 4. If we feature your video, you’ll receive two admission tickets to the 2017 Nevada County Fair. Videos will be used during the 2017 and the 2018 Fair season, and must be appropriate for all audiences. Grab your phone and have some fun while creating those exhibits for the Fair! Video rules are posted below, or you can email us with questions at moc.r1498219182iaFyt1498219182nuoCa1498219182daveN1498219182@ylpe1498219182R1498219182.

Best Exhibit Video Rules

Deep Dive Jell-O Eatin’ Contest
Wednesday (3:30 – 4:30 pm) at the Special Events Tent
Jell-O fans of all ages are encouraged to join us for this wacky contest. Be the first to finish a bowl of Jell-O and whipped cream – without using your hands! Prizes awarded for winners in each category.

Frozen T-Shirt Challenge
Thursday and Sunday (3 – 4:30 pm) at the Special Events Tent
Be the first to fit into a frozen t-shirt. Shirts are doused with water, scrunched and frozen. The object is to thaw the t-shirt and successfully fit your head and arms into the shirt. The first person to do so in their age category will be the winner. Entrants receive a free t-shirt. Limited number of entrants allowed.
Sponsored by Matheson Graphics

Seafaring Squash Mobile Racing
Friday (Noon – 2 pm) at the Special Events Tent
Attach wheels to a squash and watch it go. Bring a squash and get ready to race. No pre-registration required – just show up and have fun.

Bubble Gum Blow Off
Friday (3:30 – 4:30 pm) at the Special Events Tent
Bubble blowers of all ages are invited to join the fun. The biggest bubbles in each category will earn the biggest prizes! Bubble gum provided. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to contest time.

Live Art Battle
Saturday (1:30 – 4:30 pm) at the Special Events Tent
Artists of all ages will each create a painting in 20 minutes. The audience will then vote for their favorite. Great prizes awarded to our winners. Advanced registration required at NevadaCountyFair.com. Sponsored in part by Community Canvas

Duct Tape Art Challenge
Sunday (kids at noon; adults at 12:45) at the Special Events Tent
If you love creating with Duct Tape, don’t miss this contest.  Kids and adults can join the fun creating a project to vie for prizes.  You will have 30 minutes to create an item or thing, and Fair-themed items are highly encouraged.  Click here for ideas and inspiration.  No pre-registration required, just show up 10 minutes prior to start time. Some tape (colors and patterns) will be available to use; however, if your intended project requires specific colors/patterns or additional supplies, please provide.

“Minute to Win It”
Daily (4:30-5:30 pm) at the Special Events Tent
Based on the popular TV show, come try to beat the clock. No entry forms or fees required. All ages welcome. Show up and get ready to play!

Every Night (8 – 11pm); Sunday (8 – 10 pm) at the Special Events Tent
Sing your heart out and show off your talent. Join fellow Fair goers for fun and entertaining rounds of karaoke. No pre-registration required; just come to the Special Events Tent, sign up, and get ready to sing.