Carnival Rides

The 2022 Nevada County Fair is happening August 10- 14.

Carnival Ride Tickets will be available at the Fair.

Carnival Ride Requirements (read before buying tickets)
(provided by Butler Amusements)

  • No casts, expectant mothers, nor intoxicated individuals allowed on rides.
  • Each ride has posted height limit requirements. For individual riders on some rides, riders who might not meet height requirements may be able to ride with another rider. The requirements are posted at the entrance of each ride and on our Carnival ticket boxes.
  • All riders must have either a ride wristband (if available) or carnival tickets (sold on-site only). Rides require 3 or more tickets each.
  • Infants are not allowed to ride carnival rides
  • Be aware that there are height requirements for our rides, and, in some cases, other restrictions; Specifically the seat molds and over the shoulder harnesses dictate who the ride can comfortably accommodate.
  • It is not the policy of Butler Amusements, Inc. to give refunds, however, advance sale credentials never expire and can be redeemed as long as Butler Amusements provides the carnival for the event.
  • If customers have any questions, please have them call our office (Butler Amusements) at (707) 429-4788, Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. We will be happy to answer any questions.

Nevada County Fair 2022
  For Your Safety:
  It Is Always Up To Te Ride Operator To Decide If It Is Safe For You To Ride
Photo (click to zoom) Ride # Of Coupons To Ride Alone With An Adult Special Rules
Century Wheel   Century Wheel 5 18 Years Or Older 42″ No Single Riders
Alien Invasion   Alien Invasion 5 48″ 48″  
1001 Nachts   1001 Nachts 4 48″ 48″ Size Restrictions
Quasar   Quasar 5 48″ 48″  
Tilt   Tilt 4 48″ 36″  
Renegade   Renegade 4 44″ 36″  
Ring of Fire   Ring Of Fire 5 54″ 54″  
Zipper   Zipper 5 54″ 54″ No Single Riders
Scrambler   Scrambler 4 48″ 36″  
1st Squadron   1St Squadron 3 42″ 36″  
Roadster   Roadsters 3 36″-54″ N/A Only Children
Carousel   Carousel 4 32″ 42″ All Riders Must Have Tickets
Eagle 16   Eagle 16 4 48″ 32″ No Single Riders
Cycle Jump   Cycle Jump 3 36″-48″ 36″-48″ Adults Cannot Ride
Dragon Wagon   Dragon Wagon 4 48″-56″ 48″-56″ Adults Cannot Ride
White Water Flume Ride   White Waterlog Flume 5 48″ 42″  
Mega Flip   Mega Flip 5 54″ 54″  
The wet boats feature six boats which cruise around on a water filled path. Each boat is outfitted with beautiful fish-themed decals. A perfect ride for kids on a hot summer day!   Wet Boats 3 30″-48″ N/A Size Restrictions
Wacky Tracks   Wacky Tracks Funhouse 3 42″ 36″  
Rockin Tug   Rockin Tug 4 42″ 42″  
Frog Hopper   Frog Hopper 3 36″ 36″  
Kid Wheel   Kid Wheel 3 42″-52″ N/A Adults Cannot Ride
Cyclone   Cyclone 4 48″ 48″  
Giant Scooters   Giant Scooters 4 54″ 54″  
Berry Go Round   Berry Go Round 3 42″ 36″  
Turquoise Slide   Turquoise Slide 3 36″ 36″ No Lap Riding Or Hand Holding
Pirate of the Midway   Pirate Of The Midway 4 42″ 36″  
Jumping Jumbos   Jumpin Jumbos 3 42″ 36″  
Pirate Jet   Pirate Jet 3 36″ 36″