Vendor Application

Nevada County Fair, August 9 – 13, 2023

2023 Fair Entertainment Application

2023 Fair Community Showcase and Demonstrations

2023 Fair Food and Beer Concessionaire

2023 Fair Hazardous Vendor

2023 Fair Family Farm

2023 Fair Vendor
2023 Fair Vendor Handbook

Advertisers: For information about becoming a 2023 Fairgrounds Partner, contact:
Craig Hoddy

Cell – 530-559-3239

Vendor applications are accepted until all spaces are filled.  Please submit your application before July 22nd.

Fire Safety Information for Vendors

Apply to become a new or returning vendor here starting in 2023.


  • A current California Sales Tax ID Number is mandatory if you wish to sell at the Fair.  Please remember that for each location you sell you must obtain a permit for that specific address.  For more information, call the California State Board of Equalization at (916) 227-6700.
  • A Nevada County Health permit is required if you distribute samples of or sell food. For information, call the County Department of Environmental Health at (530) 265-1530.
  • Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 (each occurrence) effective for the dates of the event is required. If you are unable to provide a certificate, you must include the cost of insurance with your booth deposit fees. You will not be able to set up your booth until this is resolved.
  • Fire Safety Information for Vendors

Banned Items:

The following items and/or services are prohibited from sale or giveaway:

  • all tobacco and smoking related items, including fake cigarettes
  • cigarette lighters
  • drug paraphernalia of any kind
  • knives, guns (authentic or toy), ammunition, swords and daggers (ceremonial, toys or decorative), any other weapons such as katanas, bows and arrows, crossbows, electrical shock devices, ninja-type weapons, switchblades, brass knuckles, high-powered water guns, rubber band toys/guns, and martial arts weapons.
  • laser pointers, mace, pepper sprays, stink bombs, poppers or any other incendiary device
  • ear piercing and body piercing of any kind
  • permanent tattooing or branding of any kind
  • no product made from any endangered animal
  • fireworks, pyrotechnical equipment

Please call (530) 273-6217 with questions.