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Fairgrounds across California are vital to their communities, serving in good times and in times of emergency. However, Fairgrounds are self-funded and depend on revenue from interim events as well as association sponsored events. The financial impact is extreme and felt by Fairgrounds, including the Nevada County Fairgrounds, and many are facing an uncertain future. We need additional funding to be allocated in the state budget. Without support, many Fairgrounds will close and the communities they serve will suffer.

The Nevada County Fairgrounds is home to more than 200 events, including some of the county’s largest community celebrations and several world class music festivals.  Additionally, the Fairgrounds serves the community in emergencies as a shelter for those impacted by floods or fires, a command center for first responders, an animal shelter, and a food distribution site.  Beyond the negative impacts to the Fairgrounds, there is a direct financial loss to the community, including a financial loss to restaurants, lodging, RV Parks, supplies and services. Based on the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Economic Impact Study, events at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, including music festivals, created a total annual spending impact of approximately $28 million on the local economy.

Read more here, as reported in The Union on July 3, 2020.  

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