We Are Your Nevada County Fair. We Are Your Nevada County Fairgrounds

Despite the cancellation of the 2020 Nevada County Fair, we are still here. We are your Nevada County Fairgrounds. We are your Nevada County Fair.

Established in 1884, the Nevada County Fair is one of the county’s oldest community institutions. Adaptability and innovation are part of our history. During WWII, the Fair was canceled for several years, the Draft Horse Classic was displaced during the 49er Fire, and now the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic will be part of our story. We will prove, as we have time and again, that as a Fairgrounds and as a community we are stronger together.

We know the cancellation of the Fair will have a huge impact on the community, including all the hardworking agricultural youth exhibitors, local nonprofit organizations represented on Treat Street, and the Fairgrounds itself.

There are many questions right now, but the one we hear the most often is, “Can I help?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Here’s how:

  • Visit here to bid and buy online at the official Nevada County Fair Junior Livestock and Ag Mechanics Auction August 13 – 15. 
  • Eat treats and support local nonprofits in August at the Drive-Through Treat Street events. Visit here to learn more.
  • Visit here to donate, advocate, or join the Fairgrounds Foundation in support of the Nevada County Fairgrounds. 

All the details can be found here

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Nevada County Fair Board Postpones 2020 Fair Decision

Press Release


Contact: Patrick Eidman, CEO, Nevada County Fairgrounds
(530) 273-6217; 


At the Nevada County Fairgrounds Board of Directors meeting Tuesday evening, the decision regarding the status of the 2020 Nevada County Fair was postponed.

The decision comes in light of Governor Newsom’s announcement on Tuesday afternoon that California is moving rapidly into Stage 3 of the reopening plan.

The delay will allow Fairgrounds staff and the Board to conduct fact finding, communicate with State and local public health officials and review any updated guidance regarding mass gatherings.

“We recognize that the Nevada County Fair is a treasured local event and that the cancellation would have an enormous impact on the community,” said Jeanette Royal, Board President of California’s 17th District Agricultural Association.  “Given that, and in light of the Governor’s announcement this afternoon, we need to make a decision based on the most current information available.”

The 2020 Nevada County Fair decision will be considered at the next Fairgrounds Board of Directors meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

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Fairgrounds and Emergency Shelters

While Fairgrounds are home to some of the largest annual celebrations in their communities, they are also home to people (and animals!) displaced during natural disasters like wildfires and flooding. Fairgrounds play a vital role in ensuring the safety of our community members during times of crisis and are critical to emergency response efforts. During May, in honor of the Fairgrounds Appreciation Month, take a moment and reflect on all that fairgrounds contribute to their community.

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Fairgrounds and Vendors

Today’s Fairgrounds Appreciation Month goes to our vendors, many of them family-owned, small businesses. Who doesn’t like shopping and picking up a goodie or two while visiting the Fair? At the Nevada County Fair, we fill Main Street Center, as well as parts of the grounds with these amazing vendors selling everything from handmade jewelry to hats to wooden signs to souvenirs to photos. We know this year has been tough on vendors, but they are a key part of the Fair experience and we are thankful for all of them. #fairstrong #fairgroundsappreciationmonth #wfaheretohelp

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Fairgrounds and the Carnival

It’s Fairgrounds Appreciation Month and we’re celebrating some favorite parts of Fair. The iconic Big Wheel providing that picture perfect backdrop. The squeals and laughter as Fairgoers take that last plunge on the log ride. The delightful screams of thrill seekers on the Zipper and other gravity-defying rides. The child jumping with excitement in anticipation of a day filled with rides. The joy of a stuffed animal won for that special someone. These are the sights and sounds of the carnival at the Fair. Today’s post is a thank you to family-owned Butler Amusements, who have operated the carnival at the Nevada County Fair for more than 25 years. Thank you for adding fun to the Fair! Do you have a favorite ride? #fairgroundsappreciationmonth #fairstrong #WFAheretohelp

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Fairgrounds and Treat Street

Fairs and food go hand in hand. At the Nevada County Fair, a visit to the Fair just isn’t complete unless there is a visit (or two or three) to Treat Street!  This famous street features some of the best Fair food around and benefits local nonprofit organizations, their missions and our community. So, here’s to Treat Street – the hard-working nonprofit organizations who serve our community year-round, the volunteers who spend countless hours preparing Treat Street for Fairgoers, and for bringing deliciousness to the Fair.  Which begs the question – what is your favorite Treat Street food?

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Fairgrounds and Serving in Times of Emergency

While Fairgrounds are known for bringing communities together in times of celebration, they also serve in times of emergency and crisis. The Nevada County Fairgrounds has a longstanding and steadfast commitment to serve our community – as a shelter for those impacted by floods or fires, a command center for first responders, an animal shelter, a food distribution site and in numerous other capacities. In times of uncertainty like now, one thing is certain – fairgrounds stand ready to serve their communities. It is a role we are proud of and a role we take very seriously. Let’s make sure Fairgrounds are around in years to come so that we can continue to serve. #fairgroundsappreciationmonth #fairstrong #wfaheretohelp

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Fairgrounds and Entertainment

Today’s Fairgrounds Appreciation Month post is all about entertainment. One of the many fun things about the Nevada County Fair is the entertainment. From the musicians to the magicians and hypnotists to the balloon artists to the rodeo clowns to the destruction derby drivers to the community groups who perform on the Dance Pad – they make the Fair more fun! We love that the Fairgrounds provides a venue for entertainers to showcase their talents, and we thank our entertainers for bringing joy, laughter and smiles to Fairgoers. #FairgroundsAppreciationMonth #Fairstrong #Wfaheretohelp
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Fairgrounds and Youth Livestock Programs

It’s Fairgrounds Appreciation Month, so let’s talk about youth livestock programs. The Nevada County Fairgrounds is committed to youth in agriculture and to providing an opportunity for youth to exhibit their livestock projects while also giving the community a chance to see the animals up close. So, here’s to all the kids who spend countless hours after school and on weekends feeding, grooming, and learning about livestock marketing; and hats off to the auction buyers, leaders, advisors, parents, mentors and all the helpers who support these kids. We celebrate you and we are proud to serve Nevada County’s youth in agriculture. #FairgroundsAppreciationMonth #FFA #4H #Fairstrong  #weareheretoserve #wfaheretohelp


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