Cioppino and Pasta Feed

Thank You!                                                                              

Thank you to all who made the ninth annual 2019 Cioppino and Pasta Feed a success – the businesses and organizations who donated and all the individuals who attended. A huge thank you to Chef Arnie Romanello and the Foothill Lions Club for preparing all the food for the event!

This event is a fundraising benefit supporting the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation and all the proceeds benefit the beautiful Nevada County Fairgrounds. Thank you for your support!

Next year’s event will be held on March 7, 2020.

Thank you to the following businesses, organizations, and individuals: 

Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation – Board of Directors
Nevada County Fairgrounds – Board of Directors
Nevada County Fairgrounds – CEO Patrick Eidman
Grass Valley Foothill Lions Club – Arnie Romanello, President
Diane Hawkeswood
4-H Youth and Advisors – John & Cindy McIntosh
Back to Basics Farm – Katie Bielen
Gordon & Lindy Beatie
Tim and Debby Biddinger
Mike & Leslie Blagg
Tim Blasco
Tom Browning
Kathy Burns
Nancy Burns
Debby Comendant
Anita & Don Daniels
Rich & Bernadette DeCuir
Jim & Jeanne Donovan
Jim Drew
Wes Duchien
Flying U Rodeo – Reno Rosser
Foothill Flowers – Mark & Todd Johnson
Eddie Garcia
Matt Gray
Ben & Patsy Hannebrink
Robin Hauck
Jay Hawkeswood
Jim Hawkeswood
Karen Henderson
Nicole Hodge
Hollingsworth Hill Farm – Jim Drew & Patrick Eidman
Larry Holt
Lyn Hudgens
Bill & Debi Kerr
Joe & Kate Lester
Cookie Lyss
Markstein Beverage Co. – Dustin Hamblock
Markstein Beverage Co. – Michele Prater
Eunice Matthews
Colleen McClain
Larry & Barbara McDonald
Dave & Amy Mendoza
Ryan & Amy Monax
Jay Nau
Nevada Union FFA – Ag Mechanics
            Katie Alling & Andrew Barhydt
Wendy Oaks
Paulette’s Country Kitchen
Bear River FFA – Ag Mechanics – Morgan Perry
Lazy Dog Confections – Bob & Deb Peterson
Bonnie Reed
John & Teresia Renwick
Robinson Ranch – Sue Hoek
Dan & Margaret Rossovich
Ed & Carol Scofield
Mindy Short
Will Silva
Simply Country Feed & Supply – Nic Chittock
Cecil Snow
Steve Steele
The Talon Construction Company – Mike & Coleen Novo
Chris Thomas
Nevada County Farm Bureau – Debby Totoonchie
Andrew Trygg
Greg & Ginger Ward
George & Sandy Woods

Photos from the 2019 Cioppino and Pasta Feed