Cioppino and Pasta Feed

Thank You!

Thank you to all who attended the 2018 Cioppino and Pasta Feed.  It was a sold out event, and a big success!   A special thank you to all the businesses and organizations who donated, and to all the individuals who helped make the event a success. A huge thank you to the Foothill Lions Club for preparing all the food for the event!

This event is a fundraising benefit supporting the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation, and all proceeds benefit the beautiful Nevada County Fairgrounds. Thank you for your support!

Next year’s event will be held on March 2, 2019.


Thank you to the following businesses, organizations and individuals

  • All Season Pools
  • Susie Bavo
  • Bear River FFA Ag Mechanics
  • Tim Blasco
  • Dave and Tonya Butterfield
  • California Bluegrass Association (David Brace and the Board of Directors)
  • The Center for the Arts (Amber Jo Manuel and the Board of Directors)
  • Dale Creighton
  • Jim and Jeanne Donovan
  • Nicole Duran
  • Empire Carriage Company
  • Flying U Rodeo
  • The Foothill Lions Club
  • Eddie & Nancy Garcia
  • Grass Valley Florist
  • Ben & Patsy Hannebrink
  • Diane and Jim Hawkeswood
  • Nicole Hodge
  • Charlotte Ingram
  • Bill & Debby Kerr
  • Larry and Barbara McDonald
  • John and Cindy McIntosh
  • Ryan & Amy Monax
  • Monax Glass Works
  • Vadie Nasey
  • Markstein Beverage Company (Michelle Prater and Dustin Hamblock)
  • Nevada City Winery (Ellen Davis)
  • Nevada County 4-H youth
  • Mike and Coleen Novo
  • Joy Van Noy
  • Ol’ Republic Brewery (Marcus Nemeth)
  • Old Town Cafe
  • Morgan Perry
  • Ingrid Peterson
  • Kathy Pitts
  • John & Teresia Renwick 
  • Bart Riebe
  • Riebe’s Auto Parts
  • Arnie Romanello
  • Reno Rosser
  • Jeanette Royal
  • Ted Schoppe
  • Sierra Coffee Roasters
  • Ed & Carol Scofield
  • Scofield & Associates
  • Rich Sisk
  • Cecil Snow
  • Will & Paulette Snyder
  • Strawberry Music Festival (Jodi Barnett, Bix Beeman, and Charlie Cran)
  • Doug Thompson
  • Ginger Ward
  • Lenda Welz
  • Jill Williams
  • Sandy and George Woods

2018 Cioppino and Pasta Feed (a sold out event!)