Mogollon’s Song for the Nevada County Fair

Mogollon’s Nevada County Fair Song

Check out Mogollon’s new song, “People of the Beer,” written for Nevada County Fair goers. “All the great people we get to play for each year at the Nevada County Fair inspired me to write this song,” said Duane Moore of Mogollon. This year marks Mogollon’s 20th anniversary at the Nevada County Fair!

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“People of the Beer” – Mogollon’s New Song

People of the Beer, People of the Wine and People of the Hay – check out a clip of Mogollon’s new song (, written just for their Nevada County Fair fans, in celebration of more than 20 years at the Nevada County Fair!

Here’s the story behind the title of the song, “People of the Beer.”

The People of the Beer, Wine and Hay refers to a “shout out” to the various sections that surround the stage at Mogollon’s annual performances at the Nevada County Fair. The stage is next to the beer garden, with some hay bales directly in front and bleacher sections towards the back. 

About 4 years ago during the performance, Duane, the lead singer, shouted “Hello, People of the Beer” to the fans in the beer garden and everyone drinking beer raised their glasses.  A few fans pointed out that they don’t drink beer, they drink wine, and would enjoy a shout out, too.  At the next show, Duane sang “hello, people of the beer and people of the wine”.  Everyone raised their glasses, but still more fans pointed out that they like to attend the fair, bring their blanket and enjoy the show down on the hay bales, and that they would also like to be recognized.  So for a few years now Duane has been acknowledging the fans by saying hello to each section of people near the stage.  Last year, fans started to bring homemade signs to promote for their respective sections.     

Duane Moore and Mogollon so enjoyed the playful competitiveness and pride of each section that they promised the fans that we would write, record and play the song for the 20th anniversary of Mogollon at the Nevada County Fair in 2014.  The clip above is just a sample – the song will be played in its entirety at this year’s Fair, where Mogollon performs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at the Fair.

Join us at this year’s Nevada County Fair, check out all the stage entertainment, including Mogollon performing their new song!  Thanks for a great 20 years, Mogollon!

People of the Beer and Wine People of the Hay