Mandatory Registration of Goat, Sheep and Swine Market Animals for 2013 Fair


Contact: Robin Hauck, Deputy Manager

 (530) 273-6217;

For goats, sheep and swine being raised as market animals for the 2013 Nevada County Fair, the Fair’s mandatory registration deadline has been set for Friday, June 7th at 4:00 pm. Junior goat, lamb and hog exhibitors may register their market animals at the Fair’s Administration Office, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm, beginning May 20th. The absolute deadline for market goat, sheep and swine registration is 4:00 pm, Friday, June 7th.  

All exhibitors are required to complete an entry form, submit a photograph of themselves with their market animal and provide a Bill of Sale to Fair officials; the exhibitor should request the Bill of Sale from the person who sold them their market animal, or if an exhibitor bred their own animal, they must present a letter so stating. Entry forms and additional instructions are available at the 4-H Office, through FFA Advisors and at the Fair Administration Office. 

An exhibitor can bring in their own entry forms, required documents and entry fees or it can be done by the club leader/chapter advisor for the group.  Individual parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, etc., cannot bring in someone else’s paperwork. It either has to be done as an individual exhibitor in person or as a group by the signing leader and/or advisor.


To exhibit a large market animal at the 2013 Nevada County Fair, exhibitors must be 9 years old or in the 4th grade by January 1, 2013 and must be a Nevada County Junior.  A Nevada County Junior exhibitor is defined as:

• An exhibitor whose legal residence is within the boundaries of the Nevada County Fair and who attends a school within Nevada County, or

• An exhibitor who lives outside Nevada County, attends a school in Nevada County and is a member of the FFA, Nevada County 4-H or Nevada County Grange, or

• An exhibitor who is a Nevada County resident enrolled and attending college and is a member of the FFA, Nevada County 4-H or Nevada County Grange.

Although an exhibitor may enter only one large market animal in the Fair, each exhibitor will be allowed to register a maximum of 2 animals per species, not to exceed 4 animals in total.  The Fair appreciates that exhibitors often choose to raise more than one market animal, giving them the option of bringing their finest quality animal to the Fair to sell through the Junior Livestock Auction, which is scheduled during the Fair on Sunday, August 11th.  A family may choose to register a second animal to be shared by their children in the event that one of their children needs to bring a back-up animal.  

The 2013 “Under the Big Top” Nevada County Fair is scheduled for August 7th through 11th.  For information on market animal registration or becoming involved in the Junior Livestock Auction as a buyer or volunteer, call the Fair at 273-6217.

pdf Market Swine, Sheep, Goats Registration Instructions

pdf Swine Ear Notching Diagram

pdf 2013 Exhibitor Code of Practice