Enter an Exhibit: Toilet Paper Roll Art

Happy Monday! It’s the beginning of our virtual exhibit contests and we’re so excited to see what our talented community creates. This week is all about toilet paper roll art, so create a piece of art out of toilet paper rolls and post a photo on our Facebook page, Instagram page, or send us a photo are
Specific contest rules:
* Entries must be posted by Sunday at 5 pm.
* Best of Show and 1st – 6th place ribbons will be awarded
* First place winners and Best of Show will also receive a free admission ticket to next year’s Fair.
* Contest open to adults and youth
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Nevada County Fair Virtual Exhibit Contests

Nevada County Fair exhibit contests are going virtual! Beginning Monday (July 6) we will be holding weekly virtual exhibit contests. Below is a list of weekly contests, rules, prize information and all the information you need to know to prepare to enter your exhibits. Enter one week or all weeks – the more the merrier!

Weekly Contests

Jul 6 – 12
Toilet Paper Roll Art
Create a piece of artwork out of toilet paper rolls

July 13 – 19
Paint a Rock
Paint a rock with your favorite design, animal, bug, flower or inspirational quote

July 20 – 26
Pet Costume Contest
Send a picture of your pet or livestock animal in a costume. Both of you can be in a costume or just your pet.

July 27 – August 2
Produce Character
Use vegetables and fruit to create a sculpture of your choice.

August 3 – 9
Draw Your Favorite Thing at the Fair
Create a drawing with paint, ink pens, pencils or whatever you choose to create a drawing of your favorite thing at the Fair.

August 10 – 16
Blue Ribbon Entry (Anything Goes)
Send us a photo of anything that you would have entered as an exhibit at the 2020 Fair. It can be any item for any department.  

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Exhibit Awards Program Opportunities

Would you or your business like to sponsor an award or two in the Fair’s exhibit awards program and recognize exhibitors for their hard work and creativity? The Nevada County Fair’s popular exhibit program celebrates the many talents of our county and fills the buildings with thousands of creations and the barns with hundreds of animals for Fair-goers to enjoy each year.  By supporting this program as a sponsor, you are encouraging exhibitors while also supporting a community tradition. Details can be found here or you can email us at .

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Don’t Forget to Turn in Your Exhibit Entry Forms (Deadline is Friday)

Don’t forget to turn in your paperwork to enter an exhibit in the Harvest Fair at the Draft Horse Classic! You have until Friday to turn in the entry forms at the Fair Office or enter online. All those who enter receive free tickets to the Draft Horse Classic on Friday night.
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Enter Your Exhibits in the Harvest Fair at the Draft Horse Classic

Entry forms are now being accepted for exhibits in the Harvest Fair, which takes place during the Draft Horse Classic, September 21 – 24, at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. The deadline to turn in entry forms to enter exhibits is 4 pm on Friday, September 15. It’s free to enter and all exhibitors will receive complimentary tickets to the Friday evening performance of the Draft Horse Classic.   

There are more than 100 different categories to choose from, including fruits and vegetables, cobblers, harvest pies, scarecrows, jams, honey, cut flowers, produce characters, and birdhouses. There’s even a “Garden Photo Contest” to share the beauty of your own garden and plants; and an Adult Artistic Corner for those interested in showing off arts and crafts. There’s a division for youth and teens, which includes categories like apple face dolls, decoupage, Halloween masks, painted pumpkins, wreaths, table settings, and ceramics. A complete description of all Harvest Fair divisions and categories is available online.

To enter, exhibitors must submit entry forms at the Fair office or online between now and Friday, September 15 at 4 pm.  It’s free, it’s a simple process to complete the paperwork, and it’s fun to see your exhibits on display at the Harvest Fair. 

The Draft Horse Classic and Harvest Fair runs September 21 – 24 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. There are six performances to choose from – Thursday and Friday at 6:30 pm, Saturday at 10 am and 6:30 pm, and Sunday at 10 am and 4 pm.

In addition to the Draft Horse performances, the Harvest Fair is happening at the Fairgrounds throughout the event. Musical entertainment, Art at the Classic, food vendors on Treat Street and around the grounds, vendors selling wares at the Western Trade Show, Harvest Fair exhibits, and visits to the barns make for a fun day at the Harvest Fair.  

For Draft Horse performance tickets or information about entering a Harvest Fair exhibit, visit here.


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Entering an Exhibit in the Fair? Don’t Miss the Paperwork Deadline This Week!

Entering an exhibit in the Nevada County Fair? Don’t forget to return entry forms to the Fairgrounds’ office by July 21 or enter online by July 23. We can’t wait to see what our talented community creates this year! 🙂 

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Are You Entering An Exhibit In This Year’s Fair?

Are you going to enter an exhibit in this year’s Fair? If so, what? If not – how about making this the first year! You have until July 21 to turn in the paperwork.  It’s easy to enter, most categories are free, and it’s fun to see your exhibits on display at the Fair.  You’ll also receive two free admission tickets to the Draft Horse Classic.  Details are here.



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Youth Entering Exhibits in the Fair

“The first project as a Girl Scout will be entered in the Fair.”  We love seeing Nevada County youth entering exhibits in the Fair. What will you be entering? The deadline to turn in paperwork is July 21. Need help figuring how to enter or what to enter. Give us a call at 273-6217, and we’ll walk you through the process.  Photo and caption by @ballingertribe.


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Be Part of Our Talented Community – Enter an Exhibit

Did you know that last year more than 7,400 exhibits were entered in the Fair? What a talented community! If you can make it, bake it, grow it, or show it – we have a category for you. Get your paperwork filled out so you can enter an exhibit this year. Go ahead, Nevada County, show off!


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