2016 Music Festivals at the Nevada County Fairgrounds

2016 Music Festivals at the Fairgrounds

We’ve got world-class music festivals and entertainment at the Nevada County Fairgrounds! Check out the schedule below:

All wonderful! All unique!

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Bluegrass Festival: June 18 – 21

Father’s Day weekend is fast approaching. For a fun gift for Dad, how about attending the Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival (June 18 – 21) at the Fairgrounds?  Tickets are on sale now, and it’s lots of fun! Visit here for details. Photo by George Martin.

Bluegrass Festival (George Martin)


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2015 Music Festivals Schedule

Here’s the 2015 schedule of music festivals at the Nevada County Fairgrounds! These world-class music festivals will make for an exciting and entertaining year!  So very excited to have them at the Nevada County Fairgrounds! Mark your calendars.

Festival and Arts promotion

For details visit:

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This Weekend: Bluegrass Festival

The California Bluegrass Association’s biggest annual event, the Annual Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival, is happening this weekend at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Great music, lots of shade, and super fun people make an awesome weekend at the Fairgrounds. Visit the California Bluegrass Association’s website for additional information. See you at the Bluegrass Festival.

Bluegrass festival

Music Festival Schedule

We’ve got world-class music festivals and entertainment at the Nevada County Fairgrounds! Check out the schedule below:

 All Wonderful! All Unique!

Grounds Closed to Walkers & Bikes June 12 – 16

In preparation for the annual Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival, June 13 – 16, the Nevada County Fairgrounds will be closed to walkers and bicyclists beginning June 12.

The Fairgrounds will re-open its gates to walkers and bicyclists as usual on Monday, June 17. This closure does not affect the Main Office, which is open during its normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

The RV Park at the Fairgrounds will also be closed to the public from June 10 – 17.

At various times throughout the year the grounds are rented by organizations for large, community events like the Bluegrass Festival, the KVMR Celtic Festival, and The California WorldFest. During these times, it becomes necessary to close the grounds to pedestrians in preparation for these various events.

If you are interested in attending the Bluegrass Festival, please visit www.cbaontheweb.org or call (209) 588-9214 or (530) 272-7553 during the week of the festival.

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