A Magical Place

A Magical Place
By Maddy Rossitto, Ghidotti Early College High School

Have you ever gone into an amusement park? The feeling is thrilling when you walk through the gates, ready to partake in all of the fun that lies ahead. There are some fun rides, good food, and lots of people coming from such a long ways away just to spend some quality family time. Why travel so far when you can just drive or even walk down to the fairgrounds for the fair?

All of the rides are brought to you and placed neatly among the grass in the park. You will enjoy everything from the rides to the food to the beautiful surroundings. The fair holds many rides from fast and exhilarating roller-coasters to fun and enchanting beginner’s rides for children. Whether you relish that tingly sensation shooting down your sides as you soar through the air, or you just want to watch your children squeal in happiness on the whimsical swings, the fair is just the place to have a great time with family.

The fun doesn’t stop there; you can sit down with friends and enjoy a nice hot meal ranging from sticky sweet funnel-cakes to crispy golden corn dogs to a savory bowl of chicken and rice. With the many choices on Treat Street, everyone will be satisfied with full bellies.

If you don’t want to go back on those rides after you eat, you can always stroll through the grounds and take in your surroundings. Walk along the path garnished with bright yellow marigolds. Sit down under a nice shady tree and relax. Check out the Arts Barn and see the amazing crafts where children and adults alike show projects such as knitted hats and articulate paintings. Even go visit the animals in the show barn.

There are many opportunities at the fair for everyone, big or small. I hope you will have great time, just as I have throughout the years.

Maddy is a guest writer for the Nevada County Fair. Maddy took second place in the 8th grade Expository Writing Assignment for the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools’ writing tournament in January.  Above is her article that she wrote for the annual Fair Guide, produced by The Union Newspaper.  Thank you, Maddy!



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