RV Park Rules

* One (1) night non-refundable deposit upon booking reservation
No refund for early departure

  1. RV Park stay is limited to 7 consecutive days.
  2. Camping fee’s must be paid prior to arrival.  No refunds for early departures.
  3. Cancelations made 15 days or more prior to arrival will be refunded less one night deposit.
  4. RV Park guests must have current and valid insurance and registration for the RV and tow vehicle. These documents must be in the same name and RV Park guests must be prepared to present the documents to the Fairgrounds team as requested.
  5. RV and tow vehicle must be in good, clean, operable condition. This determination is made at the sole discretion of Fairgrounds Management. Any RV not meeting minimum standards will not be permitted to stay in the RV Park. Tow vehicles must remain available.  “Drop offs” are specifically NOT allowed.
  6. Check in time is 1:00 pm. Check out time is by 11:00am.
  7. Absolutely no tent camping, converted school/transit buses or car camping.
  8. Maximum occupancy of six people and two vehicles per site. No vehicles may be parked in adjacent sites.
  9. All noise activities, including loud voices and music, must cease by 10:00 p.m.  Generators may only be used in an assigned dry camping area, where the noise will not cause an annoyance to neighboring campers.  Generators must be off by 10:00 p.m.  Loss of power may create exceptions to this rule; any exceptions require the approval of Fairgrounds Management. Please note that the Fairgrounds operates as a special events center and some events may result in noise after 10:00 p.m.
  10. Pets must be on a leash or penned at all times when outside and must be picked up after.  Dogs and other pets must not be a threat or a nuisance to other park users.  Excessive barking is not allowed.
  11. RV sites must be kept clean at all times.  No clotheslines are allowed.
  12. Absolutely no black or gray water is to be dumped on the ground. No washing of RVs or vehicles.
  13. Destruction or damage to trees and landscaping is prohibited. No people or pets allowed in the Nevada Irrigation District ditches or Lion’s Lake.
  14. No wood-burning fires allowed. Small barbecues and gas-fueled fire pits only. Any hot coals must be dumped in the designated coal receptacle.
  15. Any complaint involving local law enforcement agencies or Fairgrounds Management may result in immediate eviction.
  16. Fairgrounds Management reserves the right to cancel reservations for any guest with COVID-19 symptoms.
  17. Non-registered visitors are not permitted in the RV Park.
  18. Only one household should occupy each campsite (with a maximum occupancy of six people, per Rule 7).
  19. Concentrated gatherings of people are prohibited.
  20. Guests must follow social distancing guidelines, including the wearing of masks, when interacting with Fairgrounds staff, volunteers, and other RV Park guests.
  21. Fairgrounds Management reserves the right to refuse service, to locate and relocate any vehicle in the vicinity of the RV Park according to space availability and space capacity, and may remove any vehicle from the RV Park for just cause. Refusal to move your vehicle or vacate the premises at the request of Fairgrounds Management may result in your vehicle being towed at your expense.

The State of California, 17th District Agricultural Association (DAA) owns this property. The camper accepts camping privileges with the understanding that he/she does hereby release the DAA, its officers and employees, of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his/her person arising out of his/her use of its camping facilities and agrees to defend and indemnify the DAA, its officers and employees, against all claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the registered camper arising out of the use of the camping facilities. In the case of a defaulting occupant, the RV may be removed from the premises for the reasons specified in the California Civil Code Section 799.22. “Defaulting occupant” means an occupant who fails to pay for his or her occupancy in a park or who fails to comply with reasonable written rules and regulations of the park given to the occupant upon registration.

Thank you for choosing the Nevada County Fairgrounds RV Park. We hope you enjoy your stay!


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