Mike Naggiar Serves as Guest Speaker at Foundation’s Speaker Series

“Always be willing to take risks,” said Mike Naggiar, owner of Naggiar Vineyards and Winery, to a group of local high school students on Wednesday night. “Risks are important to take because you don’t want to be overly cautious and always taking the comfortable route.  Most will take that route, but few will take the uncomfortable route. Without risks, you never know what can be accomplished or gained.”

Naggiar addressed 28 students from Bear River and Nevada Union high schools as the guest speaker in the second season of the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation’s Speaker Series. The series brings business education – through access to business leaders and real-life leadership experiences and advice – to local high school students.

Naggiar is the founder of Naggiar Vineyards and Winery, a family owned and operated business located in south Nevada County that he established in 1998. Prior to establishing Naggiar Vineyards, he worked for Hewlett-Packard (HP) for more than 30 years in leadership and management roles in computer systems sales, marketing and general management.  He also has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Loughborough in England.

Naggiar shared with the group some of the lessons he’s learned along his career path.  His advice to students is to always think about how to contribute to the success of an employer; never underestimate the importance of honesty, hard work and loyalty; take on new assignments and try new ideas; be a team player; stay optimistic; and find something that you are passionate about because life is too short not to do what enjoy.

The second season of the Speaker Series features six speakers, one each month, and will run through April.  Upcoming speakers include Caroline Beteta, CEO of Visit California.


Mike Naggiar, owner of Naggiar Vineyards and Winery, spent Wednesday evening sharing his experience and words of advice with students from Nevada Union and Bear River. Mike served as a guest speaker at the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation’s Speaker Series, which brings business education to local high school students.

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