Thank you, Firefighters

From Rea Callender, CEO of the Nevada County Fairgrounds: Our grounds are busy, our buildings are full, our community support is huge, and our firefighters are amazing! We at the Nevada County Fairgrounds are so impressed as we watch Cal Fire and assisting agencies set up a “city” at the Fairgrounds overnight, volunteers set up an animal evacuation center, and fire fighters from across the state fight a fire in our own county. While we pride ourselves on providing a place of celebration, we also pride ourselves on providing a safe haven in times of need. Thank you, Nevada County, for your support of our Fairgrounds so that we can continue to provide for our community – in times of celebration and in times of need. And, thank you, Cal Fire, all fire agencies, and all the heroic firefighters for all that you are doing to keep us safe.
Base camp (2015)
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