Fairgrounds CEO Announces Retirement

After serving for 20 years at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, Chief Executive Officer Sandy Woods announced this week that she will be retiring as CEO. Woods’ retirement will be effective upon the hiring of a new CEO. She will continue in her role as CEO until that time, and will assist the Fairgrounds’ Board of Directors in a transition plan for a new CEO.

Woods has worked at the Nevada County Fairgrounds since 1995, where she started as Deputy Manager, and has served as the CEO since 2009. Additionally, Woods has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Western Fairs Association since 2005, and served as the WFA Board President in 2012. She is the former Chair of the California Fairs Alliance, which provides advocacy and resource development for the network of California fairs. Woods was recently inducted into the Western Fairs Association’s Hall of Fame, and recognized for her dedication and significant contributions to the fair industry.

An executive search for the new Chief Executive Officer will begin in February.

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