Fairgrounds Foundation Hosts Third Season of Speaker Series

The Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation is launching its third season of the Fairgrounds Foundation Speaker Series. Set to begin November 8, the series brings business education – through access to business leaders and real-life leadership experiences – to local high school students. At each session students have an opportunity to hear about the speaker’s career path, how goals were achieved and obstacles overcome, insight regarding areas of expertise, and ask questions.

The series will feature six speakers, one each month, and will run through May. Speaker dates are November 8, January 17, February 21, March 14, April 11 and May 9.  Each session is about an hour.

The series is open to all high school Fair exhibitors, so all high school students who exhibited at this year’s Fair are invited to attend the speaker series. Those who attend five of the six speaker dates can apply for one of the two Fairgrounds Foundation scholarships offered at the end of the school year.

Sue Ebeler, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs at UC Davis and Professor of Viticulture and Enology, will serve as the first speaker in the series.  Additional speakers include Jerry Cirino of Cirino’s at Main Street, and Becky Bailey-Findley, Executive Director of California Fair Services Authority.

For information about the Fairgrounds Foundation’s Speaker Series, email or to RSVP for the November 8 speaker email

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Donor Recognizes Nevada County Veterinary Disaster Response Team

Pat from the Nevada County Veterinary Disaster Response Team was on the grounds last week receiving an anonymous donation from a member of the Nevada County Fairgrounds Board of Directors.  Pat and her team of volunteers are the county’s go-to team when there is a need to set up a large and small animal evacuation center at the Fairgrounds.  They are on the grounds whenever there is an evacuation, a disaster or an emergency, and they serve tirelessly and selflessly to keep our community’s animals safe and loved amidst chaos.  With the recent fires in Nevada County, this group cared for more than 350 animals, including 100+ horses!  We’re happy to see this organization receiving a large donation, and we thank them for serving our community and our animal friends.

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Altar Show: October 28 – November 5

The Altar Show is happening today through November 5, noon to 7 pm each day, at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. This annual exhibit features more than 60 altars created to honor loved ones and common human experiences. The show is free, but tax-deductible contributions are welcome. For information, visit thealtarshow.org.

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Halloween Carnival: Saturday, October 28

Bring your family and friends to the Halloween Carnival on Saturday, October 28, at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Main Street Center. This fun, family-friendly event includes a hamburger or hot dog lunch, carnival style games, crafts, prizes (treats and candy), and a coloring and costume contest. The cost is $5 per person and includes lunch. Parking is free. Offered by RE/MAX Performance. Join the fun from 11 am – 3 pm.
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Speaker Series: November 8

If you are a high school student and exhibited at this year’s Fair, you’re invited to attend the Fairgrounds Foundation Speaker Series beginning November 8. The series, which brings business education to high school students through access to business leaders and real-life leadership experiences, is held once a month. Each session lasts about an hour. Those who attend five of the six sessions can apply for one of two Foundation scholarships at the end of the school year.  For more information, email
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A Day at the Draft Horse Classic

Love the Draft Horse Classic and Harvest Fair? Or have you always wanted to attend, but not sure what it’s all about? Check out the video done by Lenkaland Photography. Giovanni Paolo has done an excellent job of telling the story of the different pieces of the event – from the Harvest Fair, to the prepping of the horses for performing, to the show in the arena! We already miss these beautiful animals, and can’t wait to see them again in 2018!  Check out the video! 
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Thank You, Madison, for Paying it Forward

A shout out to Madison from Grass Valley who chose to celebrate her 13th birthday by making custom t-shirts and handing them out last weekend to firefighters at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. According to Madison, “we made 80 shirts and I wish we could have done more. The firefighters are away from their families saving other families and my mom and I wanted to give them a reason to smile.” Madison also added that her grandfather was a firefighter who retired from the LA County Fire Department. Thank you, Madison, for representing Nevada County in such a positive way!
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