Fur and Feathers

By Courtney McCullough
Ghidotti Early College High School

The Nevada County Fair accommodates a very special area called Fur and Feathers. This section includes rabbits and any fowl, including ducks, chickens, turkeys and sometimes exotics. It is located outside in the cow barns and usually houses around 50-75 animals each year.

The rabbit show is held on the Tuesday before fair so that the rabbits are judged and the youth win ribbons with their rabbits. They can also raise meat pens for rabbits, chickens as well as turkeys, and the Reserve and Grand Champions go to auction. All others are in a silent auction at the Fur and Feathers area. This also includes the children who enter market eggs and sell a gift basket with their dozen market eggs. 

I encourage people to attend the live auction as well as the silent auction to support these youth as well. Kids love to see all of the animals and occasionally the owners of the animals will be there to allow people to pet their animal and ask questions. Also check out the schedule for the costume contest with the rabbits and poultry.

One of the biggest attractions is the Chick-u-bator. This is usually run by the McCullough family, and they bring the eggs the day before fair, just as they are hatching so that the public can see and experience the hatching process live. They check on them often and let the public hold some of the chicks while they’re there. Children love to hold the babies, and it is great for the kids to be a part of the learning process and to interact with animals in a safe way.

I encourage anyone who loves animals or who has children to visit the Fur and Feathers for an exciting and real-life experience!

Courtney is a guest writer for the Nevada County Fair. Courtney took first place in the 8th grade Expository Writing Assignment for the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools’ writing tournament in January.  Above is her article that she wrote for the annual Fair Guide, produced by The Union Newspaper.  Thank you, Courtney!

Fair Family Of The Year

Mcintosh Family To Be Recognized As Family Of The Year At The Nevada County Fair

John and Cindy McIntosh have been named the 2013 Family of the Year by the Nevada County Fair’s Board of Directors. The Board chose the McIntosh Family for their ongoing support of the Fair and its Foundation, as well as for their commitment to volunteerism in the community.

For more than 45 years, John and Cindy have been involved in the Fair. John, who has been attending the Fair since 1962, has been an exhibitor at the Fair, served as a volunteer at several fund raising and social events sponsored by the Fairgrounds Foundation, and, years ago, worked at the Fair as a parking attendant and a janitor. Cindy has been attending the Fair since 1968 and has also exhibited in the Fair (she’s won two best of shows!), volunteers at Foundation events, and worked in the Fur and Feathers area. They have both volunteered for eight years at the Nevada County 4-H food booth and for more than 20 years at the Higgins Nacho food booth.

“The Fair is the focal point of the year for many people,” says John. “For us, it is an opportunity to interact with other adult and youth community organization members, and see the growth and accomplishments of our county’s youth. We enjoy everything about the Fair, and we don’t want to miss a minute of it.”

Not surprisingly, the McIntosh family has many fond memories at the Fair. For John, the Fair serves as a reminder of the time spent with his parents, who have both passed away. For Cindy, she remembers when her mom would give her five dollars and her watch and tell her to be back at the Bingo booth at 5:00. Another funny memory for Cindy occurred when their son, Kylle, was younger. “John’s Mom didn’t go to the Fair with us one year,” explains Cindy. “Kylle asked what she would do if she wasn’t going, so I answered that she’d probably watch TV. Kylle looked at us with wide eyes and said ‘there’s TV during the Fair?’ He was shocked; he thought the whole world stopped for the Fair.”

John and Cindy, who met at the Nevada County Fair in 1982, have been married for almost twenty two years. They have two grown children, Maranda Brannon and Kylle Rose; two children at home, Kaytlin and J.T; and three grandchildren. Kaytlin attends Sierra College and J.T. is a senior at Bear River High School. Both Kaytlin and J.T. have been involved in the Fair as exhibitors – in still exhibits and in livestock – and Kaytlin serves in 4-H as an adult volunteer.

John is a Captain with the Higgins Fire Department, where he has worked for the past 20 years. He volunteers with Nevada County 4-H, where he helps with youth summer camp; and volunteers at various 4-H events held throughout Northern California. Cindy, who works for the Renwick Home Team Real Estate office, also volunteers with Nevada County 4-H, where she has held executive offices; and is the community club leader for Cool Hollow 4-H and camp director for Woodchuck Flat 4-H summer camp.

“Each year, the McIntosh Family volunteers countless hours to the Fair and to Nevada County,” said Sandy Woods, CEO of the Fairgrounds. “Most recently, they arranged and supervised all the 4-H volunteers for the Foundation’s Cioppino Feed. They are very humble and giving of their time, and it is an honor to recognize them as the Fair’s Family of the Year.”

Upon being named the Family of the Year, John says, “It was unexpected and a nice surprise. We feel privileged, and are excited to be part of a group of people that the Fair honors.”

The McIntosh Family will be honored at the Fair’s opening ceremonies. They will receive a Fair package, as well as a family portrait by Shaffers Originals of Grass Valley. The 2013 Nevada County Fair is August 7 – 11.


2013 Family of the Year

J.T., Kaytlin, John and Cindy McIntosh.
Photo credit: Shaffers Originals.

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