Fairgrounds and Treat Street

Fairs and food go hand in hand. At the Nevada County Fair, a visit to the Fair just isn’t complete unless there is a visit (or two or three) to Treat Street!  This famous street features some of the best Fair food around and benefits local nonprofit organizations, their missions and our community. So, here’s to Treat Street – the hard-working nonprofit organizations who serve our community year-round, the volunteers who spend countless hours preparing Treat Street for Fairgoers, and for bringing deliciousness to the Fair.  Which begs the question – what is your favorite Treat Street food?

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Fairgrounds and Serving in Times of Emergency

While Fairgrounds are known for bringing communities together in times of celebration, they also serve in times of emergency and crisis. The Nevada County Fairgrounds has a longstanding and steadfast commitment to serve our community – as a shelter for those impacted by floods or fires, a command center for first responders, an animal shelter, a food distribution site and in numerous other capacities. In times of uncertainty like now, one thing is certain – fairgrounds stand ready to serve their communities. It is a role we are proud of and a role we take very seriously. Let’s make sure Fairgrounds are around in years to come so that we can continue to serve. #fairgroundsappreciationmonth #fairstrong #wfaheretohelp

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Fairgrounds and Entertainment

Today’s Fairgrounds Appreciation Month post is all about entertainment. One of the many fun things about the Nevada County Fair is the entertainment. From the musicians to the magicians and hypnotists to the balloon artists to the rodeo clowns to the destruction derby drivers to the community groups who perform on the Dance Pad – they make the Fair more fun! We love that the Fairgrounds provides a venue for entertainers to showcase their talents, and we thank our entertainers for bringing joy, laughter and smiles to Fairgoers. #FairgroundsAppreciationMonth #Fairstrong #Wfaheretohelp
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Fairgrounds and Youth Livestock Programs

It’s Fairgrounds Appreciation Month, so let’s talk about youth livestock programs. The Nevada County Fairgrounds is committed to youth in agriculture and to providing an opportunity for youth to exhibit their livestock projects while also giving the community a chance to see the animals up close. So, here’s to all the kids who spend countless hours after school and on weekends feeding, grooming, and learning about livestock marketing; and hats off to the auction buyers, leaders, advisors, parents, mentors and all the helpers who support these kids. We celebrate you and we are proud to serve Nevada County’s youth in agriculture. #FairgroundsAppreciationMonth #FFA #4H #Fairstrong  #weareheretoserve #wfaheretohelp


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Fairgrounds and Community Gatherings

This month we celebrate Fairgrounds Appreciation Month and the vital role Fairgrounds play in their communities. Fairgrounds provide a space for our community to gather and celebrate – weddings, reunions, music festivals, the Nevada County Fair, and hundreds of other community events. And, they provide a safe place to gather and shelter in times of emergency. We are a community hub, and we are so, so proud to serve Nevada County!  #fairgroundsappreciationmonth #fairstrong
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Nevada County Fairgrounds Update

3/20/20 Update: The Nevada County Fairgrounds has canceled or postponed all interim events and meetings through May 15, 2020.  While the grounds continue to be closed to the public, limited staff is on-site to address essential operational needs and respond to public inquiries via phone (530-273-6217) and email ().  The RV Park, including the dump station, is closed to the public at this time.
We continue to plan for the annual Nevada County Fair, with all expectations that the Fair will proceed as planned, August 12 – 16.  As a reminder, Market Beef and Junior Horse entries are open and due by April 10.
We remain in a constant state of assessment and will continue to follow the recommendations of our local and state officials to promote the safety of our community, staff and guests.
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Nevada County Fairgrounds Closed to Public

For the health and safety of our employees and guests, the Nevada County Fairgrounds are closed to the public until further notice. Staff are available to assist customers and answer questions by phone at (530) 273-6217 or email at .

We are closely monitoring the recommendations for COVID-19 and are in communication with our local and state officials. Pursuant to guidance from the Center for Disease Control, all public events in March have been cancelled and we’re working closely with promoters for events scheduled in April and May.

The Fairgrounds team is busy at work planning for the annual Nevada County Fair in August, the Draft Horse Classic in September and the Country Christmas Faire in November. Thank you for your understanding. We hope to reopen soon.

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Fairgrounds Board Cancels Poultry Show at 2020 Nevada County Fair

Due to the continued presence of Virulent Newcastle Disease in California, the Nevada County Fairgrounds Board of Directors voted unanimously Tuesday night to cancel live poultry exhibits and the poultry and market egg show at the 2020 Nevada County Fair.

The decision was made after Dr. Annette Jones, California State Veterinarian with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), recommended cancelling poultry shows and poultry exhibits in California out of an abundance of caution until the regional quarantine in Southern California is lifted. The recommendation comes after a recent flareup of disease in the Southern California regional quarantine area, and the risk it poses to Fairs and poultry shows throughout the state.

Virulent Newcastle Disease is a highly contagious respiratory disease of birds, including chickens, that spreads quickly and is almost always deadly to poultry. Virus particles can spread by direct contact between birds, and people can spread the disease by moving infected birds, moving equipment and feed, and by wearing clothing and shoes that have been in infected areas. The only way to stop the spread of the virus and eradicate the disease is to euthanize infected birds, and all birds within highly infected areas.

The Nevada County Fair joins numerous other fairs and poultry organizations in California to cancel shows following the recommendation from the State Veterinarian.

“This decision was not made lightly, and we are all disappointed to have another Fair without live poultry exhibits,” said Patrick Eidman, CEO of the Nevada County Fairgrounds. “We can only hope that with most other Fairs following the same recommendation and CDFA’s proactive work in Southern California, that the restrictions will be lifted in time to have poultry return to the 2021 Nevada County Fair.”

To ensure that youth exhibitors in the poultry barn have opportunities to participate in the Fair, there will be various classes within the Youth Poultry Department, including a poultry poster contest and educational poultry booth displays.

Other livestock events and exhibits are expected to proceed as usual at the Nevada County Fair, August 12 – 16. For information about the Fair, visit NevadaCountyFair.com.

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