Friends of the Fairgrounds: Kate, Nicole and Cruz

Meet Kate, Nicole and Cruz. These three recently returned to walking at the Fairgrounds after Nicole gave birth (love seeing the five-week-old baby out here). Together they walk 2-3 times per week, and love the Fairgrounds because “it gets Cruz out to ride, they love to chat and catch up, and it’s beautiful.” Why does Cruz like the Fairgrounds? “Because I can ride super fast out here!” Have fun, ladies; and keep going super fast, Cruz!”

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Friends of the Fairgrounds: Johanna and Merlin

Meet Johanna and Merlin, who walk the Fairgrounds every day, rain or shine! “We love it out here because we feel safe and it’s beautiful. Plus, it’s good exercise.”  They walk six times around the grounds, and Johanna burns about 500 calories a day from walking. Keep up the good work, Johanna; and thank you both for being friends of the Fairgrounds!

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Friends of the Fairgrounds: Meet Pam and Bryley

Meet Pam and Bryley, who visit the Nevada County Fairgrounds each week. Pam says that she loves the Nevada County Fairgrounds because of its beauty, and because it’s one of the few places in Nevada County that is flat and paved and allows her wheelchair access so she can walk Bryley. We’re glad you’re here, Pam and Bryley!

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Walking the Fairgrounds

Such beautiful Fairgrounds! It is so beautiful out here; come out and enjoy a walk around the Nevada County Fairgrounds.  We have so many walkers out here daily – and you can see why. Did you know it is .4 miles if you walk the inner circle of the Fairgrounds; and .6 miles if you walk the outer circle?


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This Weekend at the Fairgrounds

Looking for something fun to do on Saturday?  Check out the two activities happening at the Nevada County Fairgrounds!

There’s the Old West Antique Show, happening on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm.
For more information, visit here.

There’s also the Gold Country Bike Challenge, happening all day on Saturday.
For more information, visit here.

Of course, we always have lots of areas to walk, picnic tables, and fishing for children at Lion’s Lake.  It’s going to be a beautiful weekend!