April 15: Trout Derby for Kids at Lions Lake

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Trout Derby at Lions Lake at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Happening from 7 am to noon, this free event is for kids 3 – 12. Thank you to the Grass Valley Sportsmen for putting on this fun, free kids event!

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Happy Retirement, Robin Hauck!

Please join us in saying goodbye to Robin Hauck, who is retiring this week after 38 years in the Fair industry, including serving as the Deputy Manager at the Nevada County Fairgrounds since 2009.  Robin has been a valuable part of our team – she is our go-to livestock expert, and the founder of Community Involvement Day and Ag-Sperience at the Fair.  Happy retirement, Robin.  Thank you for your service, and you will be missed.

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Registration Dates for Market Animals for 2017 Fair

The Nevada County Fair’s mandatory registration deadline for all market beef is 4:00 pm, Friday, April 7th.  The mandatory registration deadline of all other large market animals including Turkeys is 4:00 pm, Friday, June 9th. 

Junior beef exhibitors may register their market animals at the Fairground’s Administration Office, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm, beginning March 20th.  The absolute deadline for market beef registration is 4:00 pm, Friday, April 7th.  Goat, lamb, hog and turkey exhibitors may register their market animals beginning May 22nd.  The absolute deadline for market goat, sheep, swine and turkey registration is 4:00 pm, Friday, June 9th. 

All FFA, 4-H, Grange and Independent exhibitors are required to register their market animals for the Fair on the dates specified above by completing an entry form and paying the entry fees.  Entry forms and detailed instructions are available at the 4-H Office, through FFA Advisors, the Fair Administration Office, and here.

To exhibit a large market animal at the 2017 Nevada County Fair, exhibitors must be 9 years old or in the 4th grade by January 1, 2017 and must be a Nevada County Junior.  A Nevada County Junior exhibitor is defined as:

  • An exhibitor whose legal residence is within the boundaries of the Nevada County Fair and who attends a school within Nevada County, or
  • An exhibitor who lives outside Nevada County, attends a school in Nevada County and is a member of the FFA, Nevada County 4-H or Nevada County Grange, or
  • An exhibitor who is a Nevada County resident enrolled and attending college and is a member of the FFA, Nevada County 4-H or Nevada County Grange.

Although an exhibitor may enter only one large market animal in the Fair, each exhibitor will be allowed to register a maximum of 2 animals per species, not to exceed 4 animals in total.  The Fair appreciates that exhibitors often choose to raise more than one market animal, giving them the option of bringing their finest quality animal to the Fair to sell through the Junior Livestock Auction, which is scheduled during the Fair on Sunday, August 13th.  A family may choose to register a second animal of the same species to be shared by their children in the event that one of their children needs to bring a back-up animal.

The 2017 Nevada County Fair is scheduled for August 9th through 13th.  For information on market animal registration or becoming involved in the Junior Livestock Auction as a buyer or volunteer, call the Fair at 273-6217.

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Rod Byers Receives WFA’s 2016 Blue Ribbon Award

Rod Byers of Grass Valley has been named the 2016 Blue Ribbon Award recipient by the Nevada County Fairgrounds Board of Directors. The award was created by Western Fairs Association (WFA), a nonprofit trade association serving the Fair industry, to recognize those who support and contribute to the quality of their local Fair. Rod is recognized for his efforts in coordinating a successful wine competition at the Fair each year, and for his many years of service to the Nevada County Fair.

Rod’s involvement with the Fair began in 1983 when he started a commercial wine competition. In 1984, he shifted from that competition to a competition for local home winemakers, which focused on local grapes, wines, and people. Rod continues today as the supervisor of the Fair’s Wine Competition, overseeing all aspects of the competition, including the judging and approaching local wineries to sponsor the various divisions.

“We never tried to grow it to be the biggest competition, just the best,” said Rod. “I always try to run the competition with the entrant in mind – to give them the best possible feedback on their wines from a qualified, professional panel of judges.”

Rod and his wife, Melanie, have been married for 42 years and own Pine Hill Wine Works. He worked with Nevada City Winery for over 30 years, and now considers himself in the information and education side of the business. He teaches wine classes, writes a wine column for The Union, and has a TV show on local public access TV.

“Rod is kind enough to share his expertise with us at the Fair,” said Diane Hawkeswood, the Fair’s Exhibit Representative who has been working with Rod for more than 20 years. “We firmly believe that without his kindness, we would not be able to offer the wine competition to our exhibitors. We are so thankful for his dedication to the Fair and wine industry.”

“I am immensely honored to win the Blue Ribbon Award,” said Rod. “When I look around and see what some people do for the community, I don’t really believe I deserve any special recognition, but I sure appreciate getting it. Really, all we were doing was having a little bit of fun all those years.”

Rod will be recognized at Opening Day Ceremony of the Fair on August 10.  The 2016 Nevada County Fair is August 10 – 14.

Rod Byers - Blue Ribbon Recipient

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