Weddings and Receptions at the Nevada County Fairgrounds

Beautiful photos from a wedding held last month at Ponderosa Hall at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Did you know that “California’s most beautiful fairgrounds” is a perfect location for a wedding or reception? Multiple buildings to choose from, lots of parking, green grass, and tall pine trees as far as the eye can see. What’s not to love? If you need a wedding or reception location, give us a call at (530) 273-6217 or visit here.
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Friends of the Fairgrounds: Elena

Meet Elena, who chose to have her senior portraits taken at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Why the Fairgrounds? “It’s so beautiful and peaceful out here; and I love that my family has been part of these Fairgrounds for generations. I work here in the summer, my Mom works here year-round, my Grandpa used to be the CEO, and both my Grandpa and my Great Grandma are in the Fair’s Hall of Fame. It holds a special place in my heart!” We love you, Elena; and we think the Fairgrounds is a perfect spot for your senior portraits!

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Friends of the Fairgrounds: Tim and Ruby

Meet Tim and Ruby, who walk the Fairgrounds every day. “We love the beauty of the Fairgrounds, all the friendly people we meet, and going to see the employees at the Fairgrounds office. Plus, Ruby loves to get treats and to see the kids at Tall Pines Nursery School.” Tim and Ruby have spent many, many years at the Fairgrounds, as Tim is married to now-retired Teacher Debby from Tall Pines. We love seeing you out here, Tim and Ruby!!

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