Happy Retirement to Diane Hawkeswood

Please join us in saying happy retirement to Diane Hawkeswood, who is retiring this week from the Nevada County Fairgrounds.  Diane’s love of the Fairgrounds began 50 years ago when she spent a year after school working in the Fair Office.  Later she returned for two summers to work in the entry office, and then returned again in 2001 to work as an Exhibit Representative.  Diane has worked with four CEOs (Malcolm Hammill, Ed Scofield, Sandy Woods and Rea Callender) and has been an invaluable part of our team as the coordinator of the Fair and Harvest Fair exhibit programs, overseer of Art at the Classic, and producer of the Country Christmas Faire.  She’s also our party planner extraordinaire, the one that never forgets a birthday, and an amazing cook.  Thank you, Diane, for your dedication and love of the Fairgrounds.  You will be missed!

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