Exhibitors (JLA/Ag Mechanics) – 2020

Below is information for 2020 exhibitors.  For those exhibiting in 2021, this information will be updated later in the season.

Junior Livestock and Ag Mechanics Exhibitors

Information for junior livestock and ag mechanics exhibitors entering the show and/or auction

For junior livestock exhibitors, when dropping off your animal, you must bring the following signed and completed forms with you. Drop off information will be sent via email to registered exhibitors. 

For questions, contact or call (530) 273-6217.

Livestock Entries

Livestock entry dates and deadlines are listed below:

Rabbit Meat Pens

  • Entries open: May 27
  • Entries close: July 10
  • All entries must be completed online. The entry process requires two separate steps – first complete and pay for entries using the online “ShoWorks” entry system and then complete the Code of Practice and Contact Form, which includes fields for uploading animal photo(s) and bill(s) of sale.
  • All steps must be completed in order for the entry to be valid.
  • ShoWorks online entry
  • Rabbit Meat Pen Entry Guidelines
  • Code of Practice and Contact Form
  • Rules and details available here.

All Other Livestock

  • Entries open: June 10 (changed from June 1)
  • Deadline: July 10
  • No Poultry Show this year (press release)
  • Code of Practice and Contact Form
  • Rules and details available beginning June 1 in the Competition Handbook, online, and at the Fair Office.

Market Goat, Lambs and Swine, and Ag Mechanics Auction

Market Beef and Junior Horse