Carnival Ride Information

The 2018 Nevada County Fair is happening August 8- 12.

Carnival Ride Requirements (read before buying tickets)
(provided by Butler Amusements)

  • No casts, expectant mothers, nor intoxicated individuals allowed on rides.
  • Each ride has posted height limit requirements. For individual riders on some rides, riders who might not meet height requirements may be able to ride with another rider. The requirements are posted at the entrance of each ride and on our Carnival ticket boxes.
  • All riders must have either a ride wristband (if available) or carnival tickets (sold on-site only). Rides require 3-5 tickets each.
  • Infants are not allowed to ride carnival rides
  • Be aware that there are height requirements for our rides, and, in some cases, other restrictions; Specifically the seat molds and over the shoulder harnesses dictate who the ride can comfortably accommodate.
  • It is not the policy of Butler Amusements, Inc. to give refunds, however, advance sale credentials never expire and can be redeemed as long as Butler Amusements provides the carnival for the event.
  • If customers have any questions, please have them call our office (Butler Amusements) at (707) 429-4788, Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. We will be happy to answer any questions.

Photo Ride # Of Coupons To Ride Alone With An Adult Notes
Riders sit in stadium style seating on three rows and enjoy the free falling feeling as they are lifted into the air and brought down again as the giant boom arm attached to the platform moves about 360 degrees on a vertical axis. 1001 Nachts 4 48″ 48″ Size Restrictions
Alien Invasion Alien Invasion 5 48″ 48″  
Himalaya (2) is a ride reminiscent of riding through the Alps...except its faster, more exciting and comes with music. The fabulous Himalaya (2) puts riders on a fast, up-down-around trip faster and faster, then backward too. Like a toboggan trip through the Swiss mountains, except this is more fun. Himalaya 5 54″ 54″  
The Quasar, manufactured by ARM is a fast paced thrill ride holds two passengers per car. Secured by a lap bar the ride spins and the main arm raises the center of the wheel creating a unique undulating sensation for each of the cars. Quasar 5 48″ 36″  
Carousel Ride Carousel 4 42″ 32″  
The Giant Scooter is 64 feet wide and 55 feet deep and has 20 cars. The Scooter comes with music videos and two color televisions and has a 100 amp music system. The Scooter also has a built in smoke machine which gives the ride an exciting appearance. Giant Scooters 4 54″ 54″  
A towering tradition of Butler Amusements, the majestic Giant Wheel dominates the midway day and night, offering patrons a sweeping view from a height of nearly 100 feet! Passengers are seated in separate gondolas and then whisked smoothly over the top and down again, reminiscent of the ferris wheel. The Giant Wheel is a pleasant ride for the entire family. Giant Wheel 5 18 Years Or Older 42″ No Single Riders
Vertical spinning, turning motion is a true crowd-pleaser. Featuring 12 seats each capable of holding 2-3 passengers the Zipper is a must for all adventure seekers. Spectacular programmed incandescent lighting adds to the excitement. Zipper 5 54″ 54″ No Single Riders
The Eagle 16 wheel provides a breathtaking 60 feet high view overlooking the midway. Featuring 16, 2 adult 3 children seats. An all time family favorite. The Eagle 16 is larger than the traditional Ferris Wheel with a spectacular turbolite lighting sequence. Eagle 16 4 48″ 42″  
The Tornado is a thrilling ride that is enjoyed by children, teens and families of all types. The Tornado has 8 cars and holds 4 passengers per car. The passengers spin the cars themselves. The Tornado lifts 7 ? feet into the air and tilts 20 degrees. Tornado 5 48″ 44″  
Setting another precedent in the outdoor amusement industry, Butler Amusements was the first to premier the exciting Kite Flyer, an unusual amusement ride where, instead of sitting, passengers lie horizontally within the frame of colorful gliders. After riders are buckled in, the ride begins to turn and then rises in the air for a thrilling, soaring sensation before gently gliding back to 'Earth'. Kite Flyer 4 42″ 42″  
Kid Town Funhouse is a fun house just for kids. Inviting them into a cartoon world where they and play their way through a maze of moving floors and funny mirrors climbing to the second floor and sliding back to the ground. Kids Town 3 42″ 42″  
This fleet of six pirate ships rise into the air and then gently descend while rotating from a center tower featuring a friendly swashbuckler. Pirate Jet 3 36″ 36″  
The Squadron is a brand new ride for the kiddies featuring jet fighters each holding up to 4 children. The children feel as if they are flying through the air. 1st Squadron 3 42″ 36″  
The Ring of Fire is the perfect ride for carnival goers. The Ring of Fire adds a new dimension to the word 'Light Show.' It provides a 60-foot diameter shower of lights. The Ring of Fire has 10 seats each holding 2 adults. Ring Of Fire 5 54″ 54″  
Everyone is sure to enjoy this boat ride! The little tug boat gently spins, dips and peaks. It is just like riding an ocean swell. The Rock N Tug seats approximately 20 individuals so parents may ride with their children. Rock N Tug 4 42″ 36″  
The Super Slide is a family ride, 35 feet high with hills to slide up and down. Slide 4 42″ 42″ No Lap Riding Or Hand Holding
The Scrambler still remains a family favorite. The Scrambler has 12 seats each seat capable of holding 3 people. The Scrambler has Deluxe Lighting, programmed incandescent 'Ultra Lights' Scrambler 4 48″ 48″  
The Tilt-a-Whirl is an all-time favorite to thrill seekers. The Tilt a Whirl has 7 seats each holding up to 3 people. The Tilt a Whirl rotates on a center axle traveling up and down hills while the tub whip on its own axle Tilt A Whirl 4 48″ 36″  
With a delighted dragon leading the way, the DRAGON WAGON is an exciting coaster ride for children and parents alike. On a circular track, the DRAG0N WAGON travels on an undulating route, finally ending where it began. Dragon Wagon 3 48″-56″ N/A  
The wet boats feature six boats which cruise around on a water filled path. Each boat is outfitted with beautiful fish-themed decals. A perfect ride for kids on a hot summer day! Wet Boats 3 30″- 48″ N/A Only Children Up To 120lbs
The DIZZY DRAGON grins with delight as he 'opens up' to welcome kids and parents alike for a gentle ride. Four of these happy dragons turn in unison, carrying customers around and around. With their bright colors and amusing faces, these dragons are sure to please! Dizzy Dragon 3 42″ 36″  
The Frog Hopper features stadium style seating and just the right bounce for a child?s first ride. Once seated and secured children slowly rise up the main boom then hop like a frog multiple times before the stadium seats slow to a stop. Frog Hopper 3 36″ 36″  
The Quad Runner is great for first time riders. Souped-up 4-wheelers seat two children each and travel in a circle while shaded under a giant umbrella. Quad Runner 3 36″-50″ N/A Only Children 36″- 50″
Crazy Train Crazy Train 5 55″ 55″  
Firehouse Firehouse 3 42″ – 56″ N/A Only Children 42″ – 56″
Pirates of the Midway Pirates of the Midway 4 42″ 36″  
Happy Swing Nemo Swing 3 36″ – 48″ N/A Only Children 36″ – 48″
Rio Grande Train Rio Train 3 42″ 36″  
The Roadster is an umbrella ride with mini trucks to ride in. A kid's first ride. The Roadster travels in a 360 degree rotation. Umbrella Roadster 3 36″ – 54″ N/A Only Children 36″ – 54″
*This Is A Proposed Ride List And It Is Subject To Change